eChalk works across the board

Whether you're using a PC or tablet device we create interactive content that works across the board. Our intelligent system determines what technologies work best for your device and then serves the content in the optimal format. All this happens seamlessly so you and your students can enjoy our content regardless of your device.

Want to see for yourself? Compare the games below using a PC or a tablet device. You won't notice any difference.

If you'd like us to create content that is truly device agnostic for your site then drop us a line at

'Bring your own device'; bring it on - we've got it covered!

Cutting edge technology

WebGL is a computer graphics technology that allows 3D applications to run directly inside a web browser. All modern web browsers support WebGL; this includes Safari on the latest iPads and Chrome on the latest Android devices.

Here are some examples of eChalk's work with WebGL, with graceful degradation for older browsers: