eChalk privacy policy

Your privacy, and that of your students using this website, is of utmost importance to us. Any information we ask for during sign up is no more than is necessary for the running of our service and will never be passed on to a third party.

Our website:

  • eChalk's resources do not automatically collect any personal data.
  • We use 'cookies' to enhance your user experience.

Mobile Apps:

  • Our mobile apps do not collect any personal information.
  • Some of our apps include 'In-app purchases'. If a purchase is completed successfully, our apps will receive details from the App store. This information will uniquely identify you to us so we are able to provide you with your appropriate purchase. No personal information is revealed in this process (we don't know who you are).
  • Some of our 'app packs' have the ability to login to our website to increase functionality. In these instances we do not collect any personal information other than using cookies to personalise your user experience.